Reuse Marketplace
Capture Value. Exchange Reusable Items. Save Money. Reduce Waste.


The Reuse Marketplace is a website where reusable items are posted for sale or for free. The site provides a means of trading reusable items for businesses, government, non-profits, institutions and individual business owners Anyone is welcome to use the site for browsing the listings.

Oftentimes, workplaces will find that they have items they no longer need or have surplus materials that can still be used by someone else. Instead of spending money to throw these items away, they can be listed on the Reuse Marketplace site for free. By obtaining items posted on the site, site users will save money obtaining the items they need or want at a reduced rate. 

How can the Reuse Marketplace benefit users?

  • It's free to post items.
  • Members can save money on trash disposal. Instead of throwing unwanted reusable items out, they can post them on the site for others to find.
  • Reusing items decreases the users' environmental impact and reduces their carbon footprint. What makes this site unique from other online marketplaces?
  • Peer-to-Peer listings-only businesses, government, non-profits, and institutions can post items on the site. Anyone can browse and obtain the items.
  • Easy to create a wish list of items you are seeking.
  • Administered site-before listings are posted, they are reviewed by the site administer within 24 hours. New members are also reviewed before allowed to participate.

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How can someone become a member of the Reuse Marketplace?

  • Go to
  • Select the organization you work for and register as an employee of the organization.
  • If your organization is not yet on the site, create the organization's account by going to and filling out the required information, and then register as an employee of the organization.
  • Once the site administer accepts your membership request (generally within the hour, but no longer than 24 hours), you will receive an email confirming your membership that includes your password.
  • Now you are ready to post your available or wanted items to the site.

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What if I only want to browse the site?

Anyone is welcome to browse the site by going to and clicking on the Exchange tab at the top of the page. There is a search bar at the top of the exchange page which will allow you to select the item category and sub-category, the state, and county to narrow your search. If you find something you're interested in, click on the item and scroll down the page and click on the contact details.From there, you can contact the person who listed the item.

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